Windshield Repair Explained

windshield repair Irvine Windshield Repair is a process that utilizes modern technology plus our trusted experience to fill a cracked area on your windshield with special clear adhesive resin. Once this resin is cured by exposure to UV light, the damaged area's strength is restored as is most (but not all) of the clarity. The degree of clarity varies from one job to the next, but the bottom line is, rock chip repairs are a structural fix, not a cosmetic one.

rock chip repair IrvineRepairing auto glass cracks at your location in Irvine makes sense for several reasons. Rock chip repairs save you money by preventing costlier replacements. They are very convenient taking only a few minutes to complete the process. Auto glass chip repairs are also safe. The glass is never removed so your original factory seal is maintained and drive away time is immediate. A windshield repair is a very economical and convenient alternative to replacement due to the increasing cost of auto glass as well as the rising number of faulty installations.

auto glass repair IrvineExercise caution when using  "auto glass replacement" companies for your Irvine auto glass repair. They will often discourage a chip repair, steering you towards the more profitable replacement. The result is many windshields that could have been repaired are replaced and you could end up paying for a replacement you don't need!


What We CAN Fix:                      

           What We CAN'T Fix:

Irvine Rock Chips
The guarantee You receive is simple but strong. Your chip repair is guaranteed not to crack or spread for as long as you own your vehicle. The parties responsible for payment of the bill will be entitled to a refund upon request and proof of failure. This warranty is given to the vehicle owner and is non transferable.
Irvine windshield repair

irvine auto glass repair

irvine windshield crack repair

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Hours Of Operation:

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What We Charge

Service Fee
Bulls Eyes & Stone Chips - less than a 50¢ piece $75.00
Single Line Crack Under 10" long $89.00
Each Additional Chip (max. 3 on the same windshield) $35.00
Service Fee - trip charge for previously repaired rock chips $20.00
Multiple Cars - discounts available Varies

Forms Of Payment Accepted

dollar check credit

We accept Cash, Checks with proper ID and all Major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express.

Service Area Map

irvine windshield repair service area
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About Us

Its not really about us.  Its About You.  You don't really care about our family and work history and whether or not we are proud parents.  What you care about is: 

Can We Repair Your Cracked Windshield In Irvine? 

The answer is Yes.  Under the right conditions.  On stars, bulls-eyes and batwings, as long as you can place a 50¢ piece over and cover the existing damage completely, the windshield chip repair service can be performed. 

Also, on single cracks shorter than the length of a credit card, your windshield rock chip repair service can also be performed.  If you have seen the pictures on our
Service Section, you have a pretty good idea what can be repaired and what cannot. 

What Do You Get From Us?

● 15 Years Experience
● Same Day Service
● A No B.S. Approach
● Major Credit Card Acceptance
● No Un-Needed Replacements

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